Hinda Haned

Fair, Transparent and Accountable Data Science

About me

Welcome to my website! You will find here information about my work as data scientist, my research, and collaborations. I am the founder of Owls & Arrows, a Data Science consultancy company. I wear other hats, namely:

  • I am a professor by special appointment at the University of Amsterdam, my research focuses on fair, transparent and accountable AI. My research agenda is outlined in this talk,
  • I am part of the Ethics Committee of Transactie Monitoring Nederland, advising on the application of AI for anti-money laundering,
  • I am the scientific co-director of the Civic AI Lab , an ICAI lab dedicated to studying the application of artificial intelligence in the fields of education, welfare, the environment, mobility and health,
  • I currently maintain the forensim R package for the interpretation of complex DNA profiles, and the LRmix community.